audio visual technician

Historically existing as a focus - at a fair, in a theater, in a church - Audiovisual media managed to radically expand the possibilities of human perception, gave birth to new forms and formats, and formed a new language. Nowadays, they have become a triumph of Spectacular communication, creating powerful political industrial, cultural, urban spaces for the synthesis of photography, cinema, television, digital sound, computer animation, network environments. Its purpose is not limited to acquaintance with history, formation, transformation of audiovisual communication, but also to give an idea of ​​the multidimensional nature of modern communications, including media, information and communication technologies, and cultural industry.

Experts work in close contact with exhibitors, merchants, and occasion Backers to guarantee that all subtleties of occasions are dealt with. An Audio Visual Technician likewise define an occasion spending plan and guarantee that every single important detail is secured by it.Specialists plan and return to work on artwork, including exact spending plans and timetables. An Audio Visual Technician makes recommendations to their colleagues on interactive media ventures, including the acquisition of hardware.Specialists performing testing of various media hardware and fix issues identified with video, sound, exchanging, and control frameworks.

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